Huami Amazfit – Xiaomi Smartwatch

The XIAOMI HUAMI AMAZFIT delivered in a fashionable, see-through box, on the outside of which you could read the first elementary data and info. Comprised are the clock, a charging cup, which is clipped on to the rear of the Smart watch, a micro-USB cable as well as a small manual.

During the first constriction, the enjoyable weight instantly becomes obvious. With 53 grams, it is somewhat heavier than other Smartwatches, however it moreover feels more top excellence. The frame was prepared from the new preferred material of the Chinese, ceramics, and thus has a stunning image and is very scratch-resistant. The rear of the Huami Amazfit was prepared of plastic and contains almost of an ample piece. Only in the central are the contacts for the charging tray plus the pulse meter. On the right side, a switch has been installed, which is accountable for the controller (switching on / off) of the clock, however this is rather small for our impress.
The comprised bracelet is prepared of rubber and discharges a strong red. If this is too harsh, it can be swapped alongside a commercial band.

Huami used a rotund 1 . 35 inch display by a resolution of 320 × 300 pixels plus is thus in the variety of the Apple Watch (for contrast: 340 × 272 pixels). The display regulates the brightness inevitably and therefore there is no problem in the happy sunlight, read the screen. The specific pixels can no extended be renowned and the entire gives a very agreeably coordinated picture concerning the colors. The touch screen works perfectly and responds straight to the instructions.

Pre-installed on the Huami Amazfit are merely the fitness apps, for example step counters, rising memories, heart rate monitors plus running tracks. There is furthermore a weather app, which is rationalized through the internet of the mobile phone. The music app permits you to store up to 500 songs on the timepiece itself and then play them through Bluetooth on the head phones. A remote control for the melody on the mobile phone does not signify the Huami Amazfit. Moreover present is a program toward display push notifications. Here, all likely programs like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook otherwise similar networks are supported.
Battery life
While used without GPS however with Bluetooth, the watch offers good two days. When the Bluetooth and GPS are switched on, the battery runs downcast after about 30 hours.
The XIAOMI HUAMI AMAZFIT was intended as a health watch and it has developed so. Sporty design, water proof, GPS module as well as many more features leave not anything to be desired. Quality plus workmanship are, as used by Xiaomi, outstanding. All programs also work very precisely. There are still some difficulties in the app, however this should be fixed soon. Or else there will be no weaknesses. Thus if you are in search of a sports Smart Watches with a wide variety of functions, you could change over to the Huami Amazfit from other renowned manufacturers. Xiaomi has done an excessive job again!

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